Need a popup? Use the app!

The app allows you to automatically add a button or link to the product pages, which, when clicked, opens a popup window with additional information.

This can be a size chart for clothes or any other information.

The peculiarity is that you do not need to add this information separately to each individual product.

Instead, you create product selection criteria by brand, category, name, the word in the title, or a combination of these criteria, and the button will automatically appear on all products that meet those selection criteria.

The main purpose of the app is to automatically add a size chart link to those product pages that meet the specified criteria.
By clicking on the link a popup will open with the sizing guide prepared for these products.

Usually, when you add a new product to your store, you need to insert the size guides into the description, or make an image with it and add it to the product images. This approach is very common but also boring and time-consuming. And you need to do it over and over again for each new product on the site.

Prikid Size Charts lets you centrally create, assign, and manage size tables for your products. You can now assign a single size table to product segments that have certain characteristics that meet your criteria.

With the Prikid Size Charts, you can significantly facilitate and improve this process. Let us show you how!

How it works?

Specify the criteria for selecting products

Let's say you want to apply the size chart to all products contains "T-Shirt" in its name that included in the "Women's T-Shirts" category. Simply set relevant conditions in the filter constructor like shown on the image. You can also preview the set of products for which this size chart will be applied.

How to set conditions in the prikid size charts products filter

Create size chart in our editor

Here you can construct your size chart, using text and image blocks. The most useful block is a table block, which supports automatic unit conversion from metric to imperial system and vice versa. In this table block, you can edit your size chart very similar to how you do it in spreadsheets like Excel or Google spreadsheets. If you already have a size chart you can simply copy/paste it here.

How to create size chart using layout editor in prikid size charts for BigCommerce

Publish it

Save and publish the size chart. And that's all.
Now, a "size chart" link will automatically appear on every product page that relevant to the criteria you set in the first step, and a popup window will appear with your size chart after clicking it.

Prikid size chart example with t-shirt Popup window opened after click on size chart button

See how it works

How much does it cost?

We've got one free and one paid subscription plan for you. You can start with Free and then upgrade as you grow.

The Free plan has one limitation - you can have a maximum of two active (published) size charts at the same time. Herewith you are free to create as many size charts as you need, but only 2 of them can be active simultaneously.

The Basic plan has no limits for size charts count and costs only $9 per month. It provides the full functionality of the Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce without any restrictions. And of course, it has a 7 days trial period so you can try it for free.

Free plan

  • Powerful products filter
  • Automatic measure unit conversion
  • Visual size chart editor
  • 2 active size charts
  • $0 / month
  • No credit card required

Basic plan

  • Powerful products filter
  • Automatic measure unit conversion
  • Visual size chart editor
  • Unlimited active size charts
  • $9 / month
  • 7 days trial