Will the app work on Blueprint based theme?

Our application has native support for Stencil based themes. But it will also work on Blueprint based themes if you follow a few steps.

If your store uses a Blueprint-based theme

After the app installation finished, go to the App > Settings menu and click on the Script installation tab.

You need to copy the code snippet and insert it to the Storefront > Footer scripts:

Copy code snippet - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

If your store uses a Stencil-based theme

If your store uses a Stencil based theme you'll see other information under the Script installation tab, where you'll able to automatically set up the script code if it for some reason didn't install during app installation.

Automatic script snippet installation - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

Just click the Reinstall the script button and the app will insert its own code snippet into Script Manager.