Adding a Pop-up or Size Chart to Product Pages

Create a pop-up or size chart for multiple products at once in your BigCommerce store.
The link/button which opens the popup of the size chart type will be automatically added to all pages of the selected products. For general-purpose pop-ups, you can specify the place on the page content where the buttons have to be placed.

Open the app

Open the app (it must be already installed. See how to install Prikid Size Charts App

To do this click on Apps in your Bigcommerce admin panel and then click Prikid Size Charts:

Open Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

The main page of the app will be loaded where you can see all the size charts and pop-ups you created.

Add a new pop-up or size chart

Depending on what kind of item you want to create, choose the appropriate tab: Size chart or Pop-ups. Below we'll describe the process of creating a size chart, a specialized type of pop-up.

Click Add new size chart button:

Click Add new size chart button

You will proceed to the first step of creating a pop-up - setting the product segment to which this pop-up will be linked.

Products Filter - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

In essence, it is a designer of conditions that you can flexibly customize. This pop-up will be linked to the product pages that meet the specified conditions.

{info} Please note that the pop-up will also appear even for those products that you will add in the future if these products meet the conditions you set.

You can flexibly create rules for products selection using different types of conditions. For example, you can specify a list of specific products or categories, or brands. Alternatively, you can choose products that contain a word in the name. You can create combinations of conditions using AND/OR operators. You can even use regular expressions if you are familiar with them.

Set products selection criteria

For example, you would like to create a size chart for those items in the Women's T-Shirts category that contains the word beautiful.

{warning} Most likely, there are other product and category names in your store, so use them

To do this, in the filter designer, select the type of condition Product category is, specify in list in the next field

Select product category - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

Begin typing the category name in the third field. A drop-down list of autocomplete will appear in which select Women's T-Shirts

Start typing the category name - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

Now click the AND button, in the new line select the type of condition Product name, in the next field - contains. And type the word beautiful in the third field

Type part of the product name - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

Preview products that meet criteria

You can now preview the products that meet the conditions by clicking the Preview button

Preview selected products - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

In our case, there are only two products that meet these criteria.

Ok. Moving on.
Click Esc to close the preview window, and then click Next in the bottom right corner.

Create a content

In this step, you will see a content editor where you can, using different blocks, create a pop-up's content that will be displayed to your site visitors

Sizing guide layout editor - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

To simplify this example, let's use the template by clicking the Examples button and selecting the T-shirt size chart from the drop-down list

Select T-Shirt size chart from examples - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

This action will populate your layout with sample data:

Sizing chart T-Shirt sample - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

For our example, this is enough.

Save and publish the pop-up/size chart

Click the Next button and give a name for your size chart (just for internal use

Give the name for the size chart - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

{warning} Note: if you create a general-purpose pop-up, you'll need to specify additional parameters at this step. See instructions

Click Save & Publish

Great! You just created your first size chart.
Let's check if it works. As you remember we have two products that apply our conditions.

Check the size chart on product page

Now we can go to their public pages, and check if the size chart will appear

Size chart link appears on the product page - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

As you can see, the link Size chart appeared near the size selection section.
Let's click on it

Size chart popup on the product page - Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce

We have opened our size chart. The same thing will happen on the page of our second product.

Great job! It's time to try it on your own!